Drinking with Chickens: Free-Range Cocktails for the Happiest Hour


t's drinks, it's chickens: It's the cocktail book you didn't know you needed! To add some spice to your happy hour, shake a tail feather and drink with chickens, or just wish you could! Author Kate Richards serves up cocktails made for Instagram with the spoils of her Southern California garden, chicken friends by her side.

Enjoy any (or all) of the deliciously quaffable drinks inside, such as: Lilac Apricot Rum Sour, Meyer Lemon + Rosemary Old Fashioned, Rhubarb Rose Cobbler, Blackberry Sage Spritz, or Cantaloupe Mint Rum Punch. Cocktails are arranged seasonally and are 100% accessible for those of us without perpetually sunny backyard gardens at our disposal! Drinking with Chickens will quickly become a unique favorite, perfect for gifting or for hoarding all for yourself. 

Hardcover, 192 Pages, 9"Lx7"W