Mocktails: More than 50 Recipes for Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Punches, and More


Choosing to be alcohol-free is becoming more and more popular, and the range of non-alcoholic drink options is growing steadily in the stores. But many of us are still in doubt when it comes to combining drinks with food. Water, juice, and possibly non-alcoholic beer are probably the options most of us who prefer not to imbibe finally choose. But when you have dinner, these options may not feel as exciting as a well-chosen wine, and are they really always the perfect choice?

Water, juice, tea, kombucha, lemonade, and non-alcoholic beer and wine--everything has a place on the dinner table if you only know what drink you should choose for what kind of food, and in Mocktails, Richard Man will help you choose the right one. From simple, five-minute recipes to complex, elegant cocktails, Mocktails will teach you everything you could want to know about combining delicious food and drink to get the most out of your meal—no alcohol required.

Paperback, 176 Pages, 9"Lx7"W