Whiskey Gift Box


Cheers to stiff drinks - this box was curated with whiskey lovers in mind. No other spirit has so distinctive a set of accessories, from the perfect single ice sphere for optimal chill with minimal dilution, to the classic garnish of an orange slice and a dark, sweet cherry. The bar towel comes printed with the canon recipe for the Old Fashioned cocktail. From there, enjoy experimenting with any combination of the Charred Oak & Maple Syrup, orange-cherry infused sugar cubes, and Big Sur Orange bitters in your own riff on this timeless tipple!  

  • Sphere Ice Cube Tray 
  • Orasella Cocktail Cherries - from WA state--the good kind!
  • Charred Oak & Maple Syrup - 8 oz
  • Orange/Cherry Sugar Cubes - 10 cubes in a tin  
  • The Bitter Ginger 1oz Orange Bitters 
  • Dried Orange Garnish 
  • Old Fashioned Bar Towel - 100% Cotton

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